Travel Agency Services, by Theta.

Theta can help you integrate NDC capabilities seamlessly with no disruption to your business.

Founded by prominent players in the travel community, Theta brings over 20 years of operational experience across all GDSs. Deep understanding of retail, online and business travel agencies processes enable Theta to integrate new tools, optimize existing processes all the while empowering you to continue providing excellent service to your customers.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Customer profiles: Integration in GDS and non GDS systems
  • PNR: Optimization, auto ticketing, queue management
  • Air: GDS, Low-Cost Carriers and NDC (AirGateway) integrations
  • Rail: Mono or multi rail operator integration, aggregators integration
  • Hotel: Hotel platforms integrations
  • Car: Integration from multiple non GDS car content sources
  • Accounting messages integration: AIR, IUR, MIR expertise
  • Reporting: Theta provides a tool to convert the above accounting formats for mid / back-office systems, reporting and statistical tools
  • Multi agencies data collection and reconciliation for statistics or automation
  • Multiple source API solutions development: search engines, booking engines, booking tools

What can we do for you?

Theta’s knowledge of the travel eco system expands from software development to third-party systems integration, helping you to understand, take the right decisions and deliver the solutions you need for your business.

For our retail travel agency partners:

Multi GDS training: blue screen, automated flows

GDS migration: project management and day to day activities to prepare and migrate GDSs

Adding new GDSs to agency ecosystems

Multiple source API solutions development: booking engines

For our business travel management, TMC partners:

Enterprise and customer profile expertise, mass loading, migration from another GDS, integration to third party companies

Script development (task automation) and low human added value process automation

Queue management process automation

Ticket issuance automation and optimization

Fare optimization semi automated systems

Multiple source API solutions development: booking engines

Knowledge of multi back-office systems and integration capabilities

Self-booking tool implementation: Customer Profiles, travel policy, approval flows

Self-booking tool development

For our online travel agency partners:

Multi-GDS and non GDS content integration in the booking workflow

Development and integration of specific modules: payment, back office


Content Management Solution (CMS) integration, maintenance and deployment

Website and mobile application development

Dashboards: activity, productivity, decision

GDS specifics:

Sabre Red App development: distributed through red app center or privately

Amadeus Smartflow: we design and deploy Amadeus Smartflow methods and procedures to optimize day to day usage of Amadeus

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