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THETA is a new kind of digital solutions advisor Seeing the future,
Taking you there
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Seeing the future, taking you there !

Business leaders understand the theory of digital transformation.

But what does it mean in practice? What is the starting point? How can you choose solutions from the thousands on the market? What will have the greatest and fastest business impact? 

THETA is a new kind of digital solutions advisor that cuts through the jargon and delivers the high-impact digital transformation that makes the critical business difference.


Our Solutions

At Theta we have been busy running key business process projects globally using our expertise in project management, IT development and business ops strategy to get you the results you  Our team is specialised in software design & development, UX, hardware integration and hosting services.

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and Apps

We provide specific advice and support to help you restructure your organisation and business operations to align with a digital transformation plan and design.

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We help you choose the best software that fits into your business process and can advise on cloud or hardware configurations.

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Our qualified developers can quickly bring your requirements and specifications to life with bespoke development that fits right into your day-to-day process, from reservation systems to tailored data interfaces.

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A major part of digital transformation is to have a solid web and mobile foundation, is your online strategy working for you?

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We attend various industry-related events and conferences on an ongoing basis. Come and meet us!

Theta customers & partners :

Our commitment towards our customers and partners

Our customers and partners appreciate our experience and know-how and the dedication we put into each project


Expertise in the travel, insurance, mobility and green tech sectors

Theta has decades of experience working with customers in the travel, insurance, mobility and green tech sectors. Our team has implemented many complex projects in these sectors globally making us the experts in these industries.


Experience in developing reservation systems, ticketing validating systems, marketplaces, etc.


Experience in delivering projects worldwide in private and property insurance. 


Experience in developing real-time reservation and payment systems for car park platforms.