Digital transformation projects in Monaco

After working for several years in Germany, Spain, the US, and other countries around the world, Theta has established its presence in Monaco. After a couple of years of successful operations in France, Theta has opened a company in Monaco to help companies with their digital transformation projects. Theta is bringing their strong expertise and know-how of software development projects from various sectors such as rail, airlines, and travel agencies. Theta helps companies to develop various software development projects and build mobile applications. Theta works on various projects in different sectors and collaborates with various partners in the Principality. Our office is located in a very nice area of Fontvieille – Co-working space Le Mercator. Come and meet us over a coffee in our office overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean sea. 


Our expertise

Our team has been running various projects globally mainly in software development, building mobile applications, product development, operations and business development. Our team is strong in software development, design, UX, hardware integration, and hosting services.

Business process strategy

Do you need specific advice or support to restructure your organization or plan and design your digitalisation projects?

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Solutions Integration

Do you need help integrating software with your existing or new hardware? 

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Software development

Do you need to develop a reservation system or specific software?

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Web sites & Applications

Do you need to develop a mobile application, website, marketplace, or SaaS application?

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