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Smart Streaming Solutions collaborates with Theta A2M team to accelerate their expansion into the cruise industry

About Smart Streaming Solutions

Smart Streaming Solutions, part of Theta’s Access-to-market program, is a fast-growing German tech startup, developing solutions for real-time voice transmission on city walking tours, on river and ocean cruises, in museums, and at conferences. Thanks to unique software, live and pre-recorded audio content can be streamed via a self- contained, portable Wi-Fi network, and listened to directly on end users’ smartphones. 

Shortened sales cycle and faster access to right companies

Smart Streaming Solutions started to work with Theta’s Access-to-market team in early 2021 when there were news of several cruise and river cruise lines starting to plan their operations again after Covid-19 crisis. Their main target verticals are cruise and river cruises as they already had a strong reference customer in this industry and the product was ready to scale. As the business was very much affected of Covid-19 crisis, they did not have resources to hire various business development people. On the other hand, they couldn’t wait for months before pitching to potential prospects again and acquiring new customers. 


Normally sales-cycles in the cruise industry can take up to 3 years and it is not easy for new companies to get into this industry. After a couple of months already, we got several successful C-level introductions which have created several testing periods for this summer which can lead to long-term contracts after the successful trials.” says CEO & Co-founder  – Johannes Matthias. Any B2B tech startup or scaleup who targets travel & transportation verticals and is ready to scale internationally, should consider Theta’s services as an extension to the internal sales resources. 

About Theta Access-to-market program

Theta helps B2B tech startups to grow and expand in Europe, within verticals of transportation, travel, and mobility. Our mission is to bridge the gap between innovative technologies and established companies. We connect startups offering technology solutions to companies, to solve specific challenges such as optimising operations, cutting costs, and offering better customer service.

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