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Strategic consulting in digital transformation projects

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Do you want to get started with your next digital transformation project and need support? Our experienced team offers various services ranging from specific bespoke advice and approach, functional analysis, mapping and drafting the requirements and specifications, and support you in the tender applications. Our team will help you to meet your needs quickly and more efficiently according to the requirements of your project and the industry general. We will map and determine together what is needed for the successful development and launch of your project keeping in mind your budget and business objectives. 

Training your team

Strategic Consulting

Reorganization of your team

Project management


Digital marketing

Do you have an ongoing digital transformation project and you also need to train your teams? We can help you to train your technical teams, software developers or business managers offering theoretical and practical training on software development, agile solutions and innovative technologies on the market to address your issues. 

Are you planning your next digital transformation project and you need help to map the requirements and set the business objectives? Our experienced team can help you to analyse the functionalities of your existing application, your organisational set-up and the industry trends and innovations.   

Do you want to change the way your organisation is set up currently? Our team can help you to reorganise your whole team with the goal of more effective and productive individuals and team work. We analyse your current organisational structure and current internal processes in order to propose you the best solution to improve these processes and workflow. 

Are you planning your digital transformation project and you do not have the resources or specific know-how in-house? Our team can help you with mapping and analysing your needs, technical specifications, functional analysis and an audit of your existing solutions. 

Are you planning to develop your new website, mobile application or other digital transformation project in your organisation? We offer consulting services including mapping your specific needs, technical analysis and UX analysis with the objective to plan your next software development project more efficiently and keeping mind your customers and their user experience. 

Do you have a website, e-commerce platform or a mobile application and want to gain better online visibility and increase your revenue? Our team can help you in various digital marketing services incl. social media presence, the purchase of online media spaces, communication strategy, paid campaigns etc. 

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