software development

Your business and technology partner

Theta has experience in leading various software development projects but also projects integrating software to existing or new hardware. Most of the projects have included the infrastructure, hosting, and maintenance aspects specific to each customer.

Our team of developers know all the existing technologies in the market and know which one is the best for each particular project and customer (Java, Python, C, HTML, Swift, Ruby, Kotlin, Elixir…). Our developers use agile and scrum methods on a daily basis in most of the projects. We have access to the pool of 3500 developers through our partner company Dataart.

Reservation systems

End to end solution

Software integration

Theta has more than 20 years of experience in developing reservation systems in transportation sector including airlines and rail. We have the know-how and expertise to develop your next reservation system.

Integration of your key solutions taking into account all your teams and distribution partners. Development of your mobile applications and integrating your existing solutions. Training your teams and maintenance of your software. 

Software development for your business operations and for back office management. Development of your internal and external systems (API's). 

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Our commitment towards our customers and partners

Our customers and partners appreciate our experience and know-how and the dedication we put into each project.