Onepark case study - Theta

Onepark case study

Onepark - Mobility and parking management company
Cyril Guiraud / Data Art
Development of mobile application; new product roadmap; reorganised product and tech teams

Development of new mobile application and reorganized product and tech teams


Onepark is a leader of parking marketplaces here in Europe operating in many countries such as France, Spain, Germany etc. Couple of years ago they saw a need to reorganise their product and tech teams and develop a new mobile application for their users. Since 2018 Theta has been collaborating closely with Onepark as a business and technology partner. The problem they were experiencing mostly was that they did not have a clear product roadmap in place with no clear processes and objectives. The team was not organised and the products and new functionalities developed were always late to launch with many defaults and did not respond to the management vision and business objectives. In addition, the legacy mobile application which was built years ago was not sufficient any more regarding security and secure payments and also lack of functionalities for users and Onepark.
Efficient tech team
Motivated reorganised team
Product team with clear roadmap


Theta team stepped in and first of all helped Onepark to create a new clear product and digitalisation roadmap keeping in mind the latest technological innovations and clear business objectives. The product and tech teams were reorganised regarding tasks, commitments, reporting processes and day-to-day operations. As the old mobile application became obsolete, Theta team developed a clear plan for developing the new mobile application with the latest technologies, additional functionalities, secured payments and better user experience for the users.


During these last year, Onepark has become the leader of the parking market places in Europe. Theta has reorganised the product and tech teams efficiently and the founders are very happy with the long-vision product and digitalisation transformation roadmap which was developed and carried out during the last years. The new user-friendly mobile application was born and built by Theta’s partner Dataart which has all the latest technological advantages and security aspects built into the application. In addition, the whole design was reproduced and new functionalities added. The users are now able to book bookings when they are already in move, the application shows the real-time availability and with one button they enter to the parking. They can have more than one car in their default settings and also several payment methods. This resulted in a better user experience and increased users of the application –  already during the first months after the launch of the application, 33% of new users per week used the application. In addition, the scores in the app stores improved significantly. Furthermore, as Onepark is an international company the new application was released in many languages such as Spanish, Italian, German etc. For Onepark this means increased revenue streams and happier and loyal partners and customers.

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