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Theta has developed a ticket validation and payment software that can be used in different verticals for:

– validating tickets & issuing fixed payment notices,
– purchasing tickets,
– making payments.

The solution can be used to validate tickets in parkings, ferries and all kinds of events for example. Theta also offers diverse hardware devices partnering with Famoco. In combination with the software, Theta provides an efficient and complete end-to-end delivery and service.

Devices are designed just as mobile devices with zero-street-value that protect your privacy with an Enterprise Android OS. You can control them remotely from one SaaS platform. You configure devices in bulk, push your apps, track the location and add custom branding. The deployment of any Theta business apps is fast and secure. Famoco devices are natively connected to Famoco MDM, a secure SaaS platform to manage corporate-owned devices remotely. The platform, fully serviced and managed by Theta, gives you the ability to securely, remotely and seamlessly control and update your Famoco devices from a SaaS portal.

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Our customers and partners appreciate our experience and know-how and the dedication we put into each project