Founded in 2015 by two French-American sisters, Lison Paris is a French prêt-à-porter brand of premium beachwear aimed primarily at babies, children & teens. The French-made products are made from recycled materials and offer protection against UV rays.

Seeking to develop its notoriety and boost its online sales, the brand turned to Theta to design and deploy its new e-commerce strategy.

Lison Paris is successfully operating in the French, British and American markets. The company partners with luxury retailers such as Galeries Lafayette, Smallable, Melijoe and Le Bon Marché to sell its products. They are also available in several boutiques in Saint-Raphaël, Saint Barthélémy, Miami and Los Angeles. After the performance in physical stores, it is now time to develop e-commerce to boost online sales.

lison paris booster ses ventes en ligne


Results with Theta

lison paris booster ses ventes en ligne

Enhanced performance tracking

Theta conducted an SEO audit to identify the reasons for the decline in performance.

Challenge: Following the iOS update in 2021, new restrictions on iPhones had a significant impact on performance measurement for Lison Paris. The brand was implementing promotional campaigns on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. This allowed them to introduce the brand to an audience that could become customers, and drove quality traffic to the site. These restrictions on iPhones led to the systems that measure performance on these devices being blocked, thus causing a major change in these campaigns. Being no longer able to track the performance of these campaigns, Lison Paris took the decision to reduce its investments on social media.

Solution: In order to correct the situation, Theta will set up a new and efficient tracking system to measure the performance. Our teams will also set up an automatic reporting and a dashboard to monitor the performance of marketing actions. As a result, Lison Paris will benefit from a thorough analysis for its future strategy to boost online sales.

An optimized referencing

Keyword strategy: In parallel to the campaigns on social media, Lison Paris also advertises on search engines using keywords related to its products. The brand’s advertisements appear when a user searches for a swimsuit, the brand name, or a product in the Google Shopping tab. 30% of the site’s sales are generated by these paid search campaigns. However, since the beginning of 2022, these sales have significantly decreased.

Reorienting the strategy: The performance analysis conducted by Theta showed that all sales made since 2021 from search engines were made after a search for the brand Lison Paris or a search such as “Lison swimsuit”. This allowed us to understand that the sales coming from Google are generated by Internet users who already know the brand. In addition, the decrease in investment on social networks also contributed to this decrease in sales, as they were actively participating in the performance of the online store by bringing in new traffic.

Theta’s solution: In collaboration with the Lison Paris team, Theta will work on the optimization of the site’s SEO referencing, and the paid search campaigns will be entrusted to a new provider to boost online sales. We will also optimize the customer journey on the site, as well as the sales process.

lison paris booster ses ventes en ligne

Team supervision and close monitoring

Restructuring the work: In order to support the brand in the design and rapid implementation of the various actions to be carried out, a weekly check-up has been set up between Theta and Lison Paris teams.

Personalized support: All the participants and teams are managed and supervised by Theta. Every week, our teams exchange on the evolution of the optimizations and the progress of the missions and we offer them our support.

lison paris boost online sales

“The collaboration with Theta began in a clear and structured manner. Theta quickly understood our needs and offered us a thorough analysis of our objective to boost our online sales. The e-commercre strategy is now taking shape to optimize the customer journey through our sales tunnel. Thanks to their support, we are progressing together in the optimization of Lison Paris” – CEO of Lison Paris

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