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Experts in digital transformation projects!

Today, the technological solutions are in constant evolution and offer tremendous growth opportunities for the companies who transform their organizations to adapt themselves to keep up with the competition and new habits and expectations from their customers, partners, and employees.  This means that it is often very difficult to prioritize between various functions in the companies (HR, sales, digital marketing, CRM systems, etc.).

Theta Travel was born to help companies with their digital transformation projects. Theta is your partner in planning and executing together with your team keeping in mind each company’s specific needs and business objectives.  Our team has years of experience in running various software development projects in different sectors being always efficient, dedicated, and knowledgeable in new technologies.


Our expertise

Our team has been running various projects globally and has multiple skills such as project management, IT development and restructuring your organisation.  Our team is strong in software development, design, UX, hardware integration and hosting services.

Software development

Web sites & Applications

Strategic consulting

Hardware solutions

Do you need to develop reservation system or specific software?

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Do you need to develop a mobile application, website, marketplace, or SaaS application?

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Do you need specific advice or support to restructure your organization or plan and design your digital projects?

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Do you need help integrating software with your existing or new hardware? 

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Expertise in the travel, insurance, and mobility sectors

Theta has decades of experience working with customers in the travel, insurance, and mobility sectors. Our team has implemented many complex projects in these sectors globally making us the experts in these industries.


Experience in developing reservation systems, ticketing validating systems, marketplaces, etc.

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Experience in delivering projects worldwide in private and property insurance. 

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Experience in developing real-time reservation and payment systems for car park platforms. 

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Theta customers & partners :

Our commitment towards our customers and partners

Our customers and partners appreciate our experience and know-how and the dedication we put into each project


We attend various industry-related events and conferences on an ongoing basis. Come and meet us!