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Green Tech

The effects of man-made climate change are leading to widespread awareness and alarming concern. What needs to happen now is a paradigm shift to rethink the way we live and adapt our consumption accordingly. Cost and convenience alone are no longer the main priorities for consumers & drivers of product innovation in the companies.

We’re entering a phase where sustainability is in everyone’s financial interests. Many companies will invest into new green technologies to be more efficient and cost-saving in their operations.

Green tech will have the most significant impact on the transportation industry and we’re already in the midst of this shift. In Europe and the United States, transport accounts for almost 30% of emissions.

Promoting sustainable transport means reducing greenhouse gases, which cause climate change, and taking on one of the world’s biggest challenges, protecting the environment.

Theta has been working with companies in mobility and transportation already for decades, we have the knowledge about the trends and innovations in this sector. We are working already with some companies today who have great green technologies solving some of the critical problems related to our environment.

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