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Startup story – Virtuo


Theta team helps to build Virtuo for Business roadmap and partnership strategy

The old car rental model is changing and there are already great players who are leading this switch. This industry is moving towards fully digital solutions but still in many cases  there is usually paperwork that needs to be filled out in person and a need to go to a rental hub, usually in an airport or a hotel. There is also a growing case for not owning a car in big cities especially amongst the younger generation who does not want to own things any more.

Virtuo – a Paris-based startup has built a very streamlined, all-digital approach for those who want to rent a car for a few days, or up to a few months. Virtuo is the new generation car rental company with very fast and simple car rental service. People don’t need to queue at a car rental desk anymore and the key is your smartphone, which enables contactless pick-up. There is no paperwork, with everything handled through an app, and people have the option of getting a car delivered to and picked up with this virtual key to operate it.

Theta team stepped in and started to collaborate with Virtuo early this year to build up their roadmap and strategy for Virtuo for Business (V4B). This tech startup also recently raised 96M $ to invest in its tech, to purchase new cars for their fleet, to expand to more markets and to add in a tier for business users. The strategy and roadmap was put together by Theta with the main focus of mapping down the missing features needed for integrations with various partners such Travel Management Companies (TMC), Global Distribution Systems and Self Booking Tools (SBT). V4B Business Process and Distribution API was analysed and a strategy for execution proposed. 

Secondly, the whole list of possible partners was put together for future partnerships. The next phase of collaboration is an actual execution with integrating Virtuo for Business offering to various partners globally so that Virtuo for Business offering becomes more valuable, accessible and competitive. 

It is great to see that with this new investment round, Virtuo focuses on their Virtuo for Business strategy and execution as their main competitors Getaround, Stiilt, Carlili are not there yet – says Cyril Guiraud – COO of Theta. 

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Luas Public Transport in Dublin, Ireland

Partner story – Famoco

Digitizing the traveler journey

Digitizing the traveler journey is key to improving urban mobility worldwide. By 2020, nearly 23 billion transport tickets will be purchased via mobile handsets, according to Juniper Research. Next generation ticketing must solve different challenges: multimodal transportation, working with various ticketing formats, barcodes, NFC connection to a smartphone, transport cards and more. Dematerialized ticketing is a way to facilitate issuing and control while lowering operational costs. But it needs a strong digital and transactional infrastructure to work.

Our partner Famoco offers all-in-one solutions, tailor-made to solve transportation ticketing challenges. Famoco is developing professional Android devices that can be remotely controlled. To meet customers’ expectations, administrative and transportation operators have developed shared mobility systems at the crossroads between public transport networks and digital services. Famoco provides the next generation tools that allow these digital solutions for mobility to be deployed easily and with a faster ROI. Read more about their various devices here

End-to-end solution for transportation vertical

Famoco has various customers in the transportation sector serving them with different devices with no street value, a completely secure OS without any google services and an administration platform. Today Famoco has more than 300k devices deployed around the world. 

One of the last projects Theta and Famoco have been partnering is delivering an end-to-end solution to Irish Rail. Theta developed a software application to facilitate the management of all fixed payment notices and Famoco provided the hardware via an enterprise-friendly device, the FX205, to all Revenue Protection Officers. The FX205 along with the application developed by Theta, made it possible to validate in a few seconds and securely, all types of train tickets in large quantities and the FPNs were now fully digitized. 


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Startup story “Gigascope”

Startup Story "Gigascope"

Gigascope, part of Theta Access-to-market program, is a promising French tech startup whose technology captures ultra-detailed photos of our heritage such as historical buildings and paintings. Gigascope has a unique device solution for taking photos of several billion pixels to capture the smallest details of the objects. Gigascope was founded in 2019 to make very accurate and precise inventory of our heritage in the event of an incidents and depreciation. In addition, their mission is to make the heritage accessible to all of us – for tour guides, museums and teachers as an educational tool. Gigascope has been working on various projects in Paris such as Notre Dame, Eiffel Tour, Opera Garnier and many other historical buildings and paintings.

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Romantic river cruises over Rhein - medieval Cochem town. Germany

“Startup story” – Smart Streaming Solutions

Smart Streaming Solutions provides more hygiene and cost-effective solution for livestream shore excursions

Smart Streaming Solutions, part of Theta Access-to-market program, is a fast growing German Tech Startup offering WIFI-based streaming technologies for guided tours for river cruises, cruises, museums and conference venues with the mission to make live audio streaming better.


They have developed a unique software, which empowers customers to provide any real time live voice streaming over self-contained portable wifi boxes on customers’ smartphones. It is more hygienic as passengers are using their own phone & headsets and they don’t need to spend their own mobile data. It is a very good solution for cruise and river cruises who start resuming the operations as it is more aligned with Covid-19 hygiene regulations and concerns, better user experience for the passengers and less hassle & cost saving for the cruise line. They work already with several cruise lines such as Scenic River Cruises, Regent Seven Seas and Silversea Cruises.

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