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Net Managers 2022

Net Managers 2022 - Mediterranean Costa Toscana Cruise


Net Managers is an event organised twice a year by Eventiz, bringing together over 40 decision makers from the travel industry in France. The main objective of this event is to network and discuss the trends and innovative solutions in the industry. Theta is a privileged partner of this event.



Theta has been partnering with Eventiz already for years participating in their different events which are always focused on the travel industry. As at Theta we work with various innovative companies in the industry, our team has a lot to share with the other peers attending the event. This year’s summer edition took place on Costa Crociere’s brand new Costa Toscana, with stops in Naples, Ibiza, Valencia, Marseille, and Paris. During the numerous meetings and workshops, the attendees discussed topics such as the impact of Covid-19 on the hospitality and travel industry, “time-to-market”, and the application of the metaverse in the industry.

theta net managers 2022 metaverse

As one of the partners of the event, the Theta team shared our expertise in digital transformation and travel technology to fellow attendees. 

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Mobile Congress Barcelona 2021


Theta team is attending Mobile Congress Barcelona 2021

Mobile World Congress is back organised in Barcelona starting 28th of June 2021. This event is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology alongside today’s most influential visionaries and tech industry influencers. MWC Barcelona attracts more than 2,400 leading companies that share the latest topics relevant to the future. 

During the event, many conferences and panels will take place and many innovative products will be showcased in the exhibition area. The hottest innovations will be presented in the startup area which gives a perfect possibility to mingle with startups, investors and companies to launch new deals. The show will give unique opportunities to network with senior decision makers. 

Theta together with our partner Famoco will be present at the show, showcasing different solutions in various verticals. 

In the transportation vertical, we have just launched an end-to-end solution to Irish Rail. Theta developed a software application to facilitate the management of all fixed payment notices and Famoco provided the hardware via an enterprise-friendly device, the FX205, to all Revenue Protection Officers. The FX205 along with the application developed by Theta, made it possible to validate in a few seconds and securely, all types of train tickets in large quantities and the FPNs were now fully digitized. 

Go and pass by Famoco booth #1D23 and discover how Famoco facilitates deployments for public transport, mobile payments and identity verification. 

Read more about our digital transformation projects:

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Ville de Calvi Corse Citadelle

Theta is attending Netmanagers Show 2021

Netmanagers 2021

Theta is the partner of Net Managers event gathering the top decision makers in travel. Net Manager is an event organised twice a year by Eventiz bringing together 40+ decision makers from the travel industry in France. The main objective of these events is to network and discuss the trends and innovative solutions in the industry.

Theta has been partnering with Eventiz already for years participating in their different events which are always focused on the travel industry. As at Theta we work with various innovative companies in the industry, Theta team has a lot to share with the other peers attending the event. This year’s summer edition is being organised in Corsica and during the 4 days event a lot of meetings and workshops will be organised. This year is special as the focus is also on the reopening of the travel industry in France after a very difficult time related to Covid-19 crisis. The focus topics are how to accelerate the industry regarding the digitalisation and how to serve the customers with the highest standards.

As one of the partners of the event, Theta team will share information about the innovative scaleups we are working with, talk about the trends in digitalisation and other ongoing projects at Theta.

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Smart city and wireless communication network concept. Digital network connection lines

Theta is working with various innovative companies in the smart city sector

A Smart City systematically applies digital technologies to reduce resource input, improve its people’s quality of life, and increase the competitiveness of the regional economy sustainably. The development of information and communication technologies are key factors for creating a Smart City.

We at Theta are working with several companies in this sector helping them to become more digital by automating time-consuming, inefficient day-to-day processes, reducing IT costs, simplifying operations and transforming how they sell and service their customers to increase revenues and profit.

Let’s have a quick look into their great technologies and how it helps the cities become more digital and sustainable. 

We all have been participating on an excursion in the city using a traditional whisper system to connect and listen to the guide. The technology in this space has been evolving and new solutions are out there already today. More and more tourists rely primarily on their phones for all aspects of travels especially in the Covid-19 crisis environment. Smart Streaming Solutions is the leading technology company in this space. Their solution gives a much more hygienic approach as people only need their phone and headsets to listen live or pre-recorded audio streamed via portable Wi-Fi network. No more need for non personal devices and simply get connected with your phone in your pocket. This solution is already used in the cruise industry and has a huge potential on city walking tours, in museums, and at conferences.

Isn’t it always stressful when we are renting a car? Usually we need to rent a car when we are on holiday and it should be a relaxing experience but fortunately very often this is the most stressful part during the trip. The old car rental model needs to be changed and there are already great players who are leading this switch. Virtuo is the new generation car rental company with very fast and simple car rental service. Customers don’t need to queue at a car rental desk anymore,  as the service is 100% mobile. The key is your smartphone, which enables contactless pick-up. 

Parking your car is always a hassle especially in the big cities. There are just too many cars in our cities nowadays and the parking fees are high. Onepark is a market-leading online car park booking tool, serving more than 2000 car parks, located in 275 cities across Europe. With onepark, customers save time and frustration by quickly searching on their mobile for parking spots at their destination and booking in advance. Also, unusual car parks such as hotels are available in their system, which makes onepark offer very unique in the market.

Our cities are full of culture and heritage we have to sustain for the next generations. We all enjoy the historical buildings in our cities and great art masterpieces in the museums. Gigascope, a french tech startup technology, captures ultra-detailed photos of our heritage to obtain  a precise testimonial  in the event of an incident and depreciation, or simply to keep it for future generations. In addition, their mission is to make the heritage accessible to all of us – for tour guides, museums and teachers as an educational tool.
Climate change is the hot topic for the last decade and it continues to be the focus for many governments and cities. The planet is over consumption and too many people are living and consuming every minute, leaving a very huge footprint on our nature. Water is the deficit nowadays on our planet and the future does not look very bright. Aquatech solves a huge problem by regenerating black and grey water by designing, producing and installing wastewater treatment solutions for all kinds of complex environments such as camping sites, hotels and ports using 100% biological solutions. The recycled water is reinjected in a closed circuit to serve again the needs of showers, toilets and even watering of green spaces. Up to 80% of water from swimming pools can also be treated using this natural mechanism, saving a huge amount of energy & water, and preserving comfort for leisure activities.
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sunset at monaco

Blue Fund initiative


Theta is now a partner of the Blue Fund initiative

Theta is now a partner of the Blue Fund initiative helping Monaco-based companies digitalize their business processes.

Digital transformation is already a key strategy for many companies and has taken on importance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Monaco government has started an economic recovery plan to help Monaco-based companies reach their full digital potential locally and internationally. The aim of the Blue Fund is to finance the digital transformation of these companies.

Theta has more than 20 years real-world experience understanding the issues facing corporations in multiple industry sectors including travel, finance, and manufacturing. This deep knowledge and experience means that we can move fast, – to create strategies and deliver solutions for digital transformations that produce high-impact business results.

We work with our clients to automate time-consuming, inefficient day-to-day processes to liberate time for more productive activity, to move networks and IT infrastructures to the Cloud to reduce IT costs and simplify operations, to transform how companies sell and service their customers to increase revenues and profit.

Read more about Blue Fund initiative here: 

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Theta attending A World For Travel Forum in Portugal May 2021

A World Of Travel at Evora in Portugal

This year’s A World For Travel edition is taking place in Portugal and the main topic of the forum is the problems around the transformation of this industry. This forum is dedicated for tourism professionals all over the world to discuss, share and award the best and innovative ones.

Theta has been involved with this initiative from the beginning and continues to support this global forum dedicated to professionals from the travel industry. It is a great occasion to see all our international partners and customers and meet new ones during the event.
We will keep you updated how this edition will go and who receives the awards.


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Travel d’or

Meet us at Travel D’or dinner!

Travel D’Or – founded by Frederic Vanhoutte, Founder of Eventiz Media Group, continues its tradition to gather all travel executives for one night in Paris to award them for their work specifically in the travel industry. Theta has been supporting this initiative already since 2009 and continues to support it also in the next upcoming years. As postponed from October 2020 because of Covid-19, Travel D’Or is taking place in March 2021. Last year we had huge success there meeting very relevant industry experts and innovative new startups in this festive atmosphere. This time we are happy to meet all our valuable partners and customers for one night in Paris networking, sharing and talking about new business opportunities.
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