values & expertise

Who we are?

Nowadays, everything is becoming digital and people’s consumption habits are transforming rapidly. We are spending more and more time on social media, searching for information, and being part of different communities. 

Today, the technological solutions are in constant evolution and offer tremendous growth opportunities for the companies who transform their organizations to adapt themselves to keep up with the competition and new habits and expectations from their customers, partners, and employees.  This means that it is often very difficult to prioritize between various functions in the companies (HR, sales, digital marketing, CRM systems, etc.).

The existing legacy solutions are generally very complex and need specific know-how, financial resources, and experienced people to run the digital transformation projects. In order to keep up with the competition, companies need to constantly keep an eye on new technologies and invest in innovation and digitalization projects throughout the whole organization. 

Values & Expertise

Theta in Monaco

Theta was born to help companies with their digital transformation projects. It is an alliance born between Cyril and Thorsten who both have more than 20 years of experience in operational, top management, and product management roles in various international technology companies in the travel and transportation sectors. 

They have both developed and delivered various IT systems that are fundamental to the businesses in the travel sector today. They know all the aspects and processes of the reservation, inventory, and back-office systems for example. Cyril and Thorsten have a background of practicing sports at a professional level before starting their professional career. They have both played basketball in high leagues at national and international levels. 

Theta is a company that shares the same values you need to be a successful sportsman such as team spirit, taking risks, dedication, and delivering the projects with quality and in time. They have years of experience working at Amadeus, Sabre, and Getthere where they developed and managed the complex projects of inventory and distribution systems. This specific know-how and hands-on experience give them credibility today to help companies with product and project management specifically in these domains.


Our approach

Tailor-made support to resolve your business and technology objectives 

Discuss & Analyse your needs

We think it is very important to take time to discuss and evaluate the needs of each potential customer in order to understand if we can help you.

Evaluate Project Scope

Our team evaluates the project size and specific needs and all will be described in a detailed proposal. 

Search & Propose

We consult with our internal team and partner network to offer you the best solution that suits your business and technology needs. 

Delivery & Dedicate

We are your partner in software development building your next mobile application and taking care of data migration, integration of all systems and their interfaces. 

Theta customers & partners

Our commitment towards our customers and partners

Our customers and partners appreciate our experience and know-how and the dedication we put into each project.